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05 January 2011 10:46:29 PM

About StarFire EMS

StarFire EMS instructional staff is comprised of EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and physicians with more than 350 combined years EMS prehospital and hospital-based experience in addition to their years as EMS educators.  Our instructional staff has more than 150 years as credentialed EMS instructors in Massachusetts and/or New Hampshire.  All program staff members are certified by the American Heart Association as CPR instructors (CPR and/or ACLS).

Our teaching staff work in many of the ambulance services in northeast Massachusetts with principal instructional staff members having more than 150 years combined years of experience in hospital-based EMS, private ambulance industry, fire- based service, and (specialty) sports car and motorcycle racing EMS.  Program skill lab teaching staff brings another fifty years of experience with them. 

StarFire EMS is accredited by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health/Office of Emergency Medical Services as an EMS training institution.  Our programs meet or exceed all requirements established by the Department of Transportation/National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (DOT/NHTSA) and amended by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Our programs, staff, and equipment have met, and continue to meet, a stringent set of criteria.  We make every effort to exceed those minimums whenever and wherever we can.  For you, this means we offer an exciting, vibrant program.

We opened (in 2009) and closed (in 2010) an education center in Hanover.  We hired program staff that bring some 100 years experience in prehospital and teaching experience.  Most of the students from the programs taught in Hanover that completed the certification testing process did so successfully.  We look forward to opening a new site in the Hanover area this year.

We expect you to work hard and we promise to work hard as well.  Our goal is to prepare you to be successful in completing the course, in completing the State EMT Certification Exam, and in working as an EMT.  We hope to become your source of EMS education initial education programs, continuing education refresher courses.  Instructors and teaching program staff will help you learn what you need to know to work in the streets as an emergency medical technician (EMT).  We will also prepare you to meet specific requirements of the State Certification Exam.

To our prospective students:  StarFire EMS program instructors and skill lab teaching staff have been teaching emergency medical courses initial, continuing, and refresher education programs - for many years.  Some have been involved since 1975, others since 1988, and still others joined us in the last ten to fifteen years.  We are proud of the work we have done and the students that have been and continue to be taught in our program.

We welcome your questions and invite you to explore our website .

Yours in EMS,

Jane E. MacArthur

Jane E. MacArthur, MS, EMT I/C
Executive Director