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09 December 2009 01:17:20 AM

Certification Examination Registration Information

Exam Date:  27 February 2010

Exam Site:  Suite O, 155 Webster Street, Hanover, MA

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StarFire EMS Program Students


NON-StarFire EMS Program Students

Full Exam                                   Full Exam                                                      $150.00
Single Station                        Single Station                                               $95.00



This is the practical skill portion of the EMT-Basic Certification Exam and is conducted under the auspices of the Common- wealth of Massachusetts /Department of Public Health/Office of Emergency Medical Services.  Upon successful completion of an OEMS-approved EMT Basic Course, graduates are eligible to take the MA State EMT Basic Certification Exam. You have one year from the completion date of your Basic EMT course to successfully complete the practical skills portion of the certification process.  Your EMT instructor will provide MA Certification Application forms for you to complete.  Your instructor will forward completed forms, along with your $150.00 check for the certification fee payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to OEMS.  An exam will be scheduled and you will be notified of the date, time, location, etc.

Each OEMS accredited training institution charges a separate practical exam fee to cover costs associated with the management of the exam. If you have taken your course at StarFire EMS, your instructor will give you the exam application to complete and will explain the fee structure. Payment can be made with a bank check/money order, through our site with PayPal.

If you did not take your course with StarFire EMS, register for the exam using the PayPal buttons below.  A StarFire EMS Exam Application will be sent to you.  Please return it promptly.

If you have already taken the exam and OEMS has notified you that you are eligible for retesting, contact StarFire EMS for the exam application and fee structure information. Once you have that material, mail your bank check/money order and the OEMS eligibility form to:

StarFire EMS, Inc.
60 Canal Street
Winchester, MA 01890

Candidates test with a partner. Usually this partner is someone from your EMT-Basic course. If you don't have a partner from class, you will be assigned a partner on the day of the exam.

You are encouraged to bring someone to act as your "patient".  OEMS requirements for persons acting as "patients" are:

         They must be at least 18 years of age.

         They must weigh at least 100 lbs. but not more than 200 lbs.

The exam process typically takes about 5 hours (sometimes longer) depending on how many candidates are testing. No lunch/food is provided. Please bring your own water, snacks, etc.

Once a candidate passes the state practical exam, s/he becomes eligible for the written exam. You have six months from the date of your practical exam to successfully complete the written exam.  The written exam is a computer-based test conducted through PSI.  You will receive a post card with written exam contact information once you have successfully completed the practical skill portion of the certification process.

Candidates for certification must successfully complete both the practical skills and written portions of the certification process in order to become certified.

The site practical exam fee for a full exam is $150.00 and $95.00 for a single station retest for non-StarFire EMS program students.  Payment can be made with a bank check/money order, through our site with PayPal.